Testimonial: Muscle Spasms
Successful Treatment Using Homeopathy for Chronic Muscle Spasms

"I heard about David Sollars through a friend of mine who had many problems with his legs and was remarkably helped within a short time. After exerting all other options, I decided to make an appointment with David to discuss my chronic muscle spasms I had been experiencing for nine years. David immediately made me feel relaxed and at home and analyzed my background thoroughly to attempt to pinpoint what the underlying problem could be. I had tried a number of solutions starting with acupuncture which temporarily worked. I then moved onto herbs but had a hard time digesting them. Then David gave me a homeopathic remedy and through his excellent guidance and a combination of techniques, my muscle spasms subsided and my life started to change. David never gave up with trying to help me overcome my problem and never let me give certain situations in my life in a more open and realistic manner without feeling the pressures from stress. David truly helped me with my body and mind, and I firmly believe it has made me a stronger person."

C.B., Andover




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